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Business Processes

BANYAS brings a revolutionary innovation into the world of ERP systems. Plug it in and discover the real business processes of your organization.
Understanding of company processes requires answering two questions:
WHAT the organization is doing? & WHY the organization is doing it?
The WHY question is subjective by its nature, but until now there was no way to get a clear, objective answer to the WHAT question either. Now the answer is delivered by BANYAS. In addition, BANYAS generates a standardized process documentation and provides comparative analytics to identify process inefficiencies, abnormalities or violations.
With these deliverables BANYAS allows to minimize subjective inputs, answering the WHY BANYAS question as well.



Sometimes BANYAS Is Confused With Process Mining. This happens primarily due to seeming resemblance in the name (both talk about business processes).  Another reason is previously used term “Process Discovery” as an inaccurate substitute of “Process Mining”.

Although on the analytics we can be considered as competitors, there is one huge difference, which allows us to act as partners:

the key specialty of BANYAS is process identification, while Process Mining expertise is in analytics for a pre-specified process. Process Mining requires clear notion of the process to be “mined” (i.e. customer’s input on quite detailed level), while BANYAS identification needs no preliminary knowledge about business processes.

Here is the summary of differences:



Process Mining

Processes’ identification




All system updates

SAP event log


All processes of the customer

KPI-s of one specific process

Key specialty

Process identification

Process analytics


Collaboration between BANYAS and Process Mining tools is very logical:

BANYAS identifies processes and communicates the process knowledge data to Process Mining tools, saving them from deciphering of (incomplete) SAP event logs (their highest effort).  It is also greatly beneficial for the end clients, already using Process Mining. They can keep enjoying its friendly, graphical and analytical user interface, while getting much better coverage of their processes.

Track your company

What should happen
What you think is happening
What is really happening

There can be a large gap between workflow—what your team around the world is actually doing day-to-day—and the processes your business must enact to maintain regulatory compliance, minimize errors, optimize employee effort and retain profits.

BANYAS uses powerful tools to show you, in close to real time, step-by-step what processes are being logged in your SAP ERP (and any linked systems, such as your CRM), allowing quick comparison to required standards.

You can even see exactly where people are starting to do things differently, even if the practice has not yet taken hold, allowing you to evaluate whether you’re witnessing a welcome innovation or a train wreck.

In Depth Business Analyses

Right on your screen.

Selection by

process | involved sub-process | SAP module | business | functional area | user | involved SAP transaction code | date and time

Selection by

any document ID | any document type | any other parameter of a business transaction

Selection by

any master data related to the business transaction elements like: country / city | material type / group | company code

Three easy steps

And you are ready to use BANYAS

BANYAS Installation
  • Import BANYAS transport into your SAP Development system.
  • Run initialization program from the imported BANYAS package.
  • Result: pre-configuration, delivered for BANYAS is installed and alignment with the customer data dictionary is done.
BANYAS set-up
  • Add Company-Specific Objects Into BANYAS Configuration
  • Check all settings are aligned with the installation guide
  • Check existence of SAP notes, recommended by the installation guide
Advancing to production
  • Provide custom names to the identified processes in QA environment
  • Evaluate how these names are used in prediction of a new coming processes
  • Enhance configuration with the master data, which will help in selection

From this moment, BANYAS does the rest, reverse engineering all the processes that are actually being enacted and displaying them in easy-to-read, information rich graphics.


How does BANYAS work?

The BANYAS SAP plug-in analyzes ongoing ERP activities in real time, reading even the smallest elements of processes, combines them into logical chains and maps them as identified business scenarios.

You do not need to describe your processes in advance; BANYAS will infer them to offer rich insights into what is actually happening within your business.

Broadly speaking, here are the technical steps that BANYAS performs:

First, BANYAS reads SQL statements at the time your database is updated.

Next, BANYAS links the SQL statements into related process chains.

Then BANYAS generates sub-processes (like transactions or groups of transactions) by identifying re-appearing sections with similar parameters using similarity analysis. Simple and clear descriptions are generated for each process and process step.

Finally, BANYAS produces an information-rich yet easy to analyze visualization that groups performed processes around their optimal process, enabling you to review multiple points of interest, easily compare processes and understand the differences among them.


Recently asked questions

Don’t We Have To Describe Processes?

Not at all! That’s the difference between BANYAS and every other option. BANYAS looks to see what it sees and infers your processes. BANYAS reverse engineers then describes what is actually happening in your business.

Will using BANYAS slow down my system?

No. We’ve built BANYAS to keep your system running at peak performance. It links master data to the display you are seeing so that all data is authoritative and current, but the BANYAS platform runs on a mirror set of data so that your business can keep running the way it always does.

Who should use BANYAS?

BANYAS can bring powerful insights to any industry in which processes are important:

  • Organizations running on SAP, especially ISO certified and FDA regulated ones
  • Auditing and consulting firms
  • Providers of outsourcing


  • Key business users
  • Centers of process knowledge excellence
  • Business analysts and auditors

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Pre-BANYAS history

Knowledge – how does it pay back? Is there a universal cost of:

Until recently event logs were considered as the only source of process-related information and as a consequence – essential for applying process mining techniques.
Since the introduction of BANYAS from Banyas the disadvantages of event logs got more transparency. Everybody agrees that they are not covering significant part of processes, are available not for all SAP objects and frequently are switched off.

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True ROI

Knowledge – how does it pay back? Is there a universal cost of:

  • objectiveness and standardization of process knowledge
  • comprehensiveness without overlapping, that cannot be achieved in non-automated methods
  • transparency throughout the company

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BANYAS for Sustaining ERP Benefits

What if our real processes would be transparent?

Then we could provide our experienced users with more access and freedom. We would be able to see what they are doing and how this can be turned into the best practices. The value of our ERP system would be seriously increased and users would feel that the system is becoming the tool for them, instead of commonly known feeling of slavery to the system.

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