Future role of SAP event logs – pre-BANYAS history

Until recently event logs were considered as the only source of process-related information and as a consequence – essential for applying process mining techniques.

Since the introduction of BANYAS from Banyas the disadvantages of event logs got more transparency. Everybody agrees that they are not covering significant part of processes, are available not for all SAP objects and frequently are switched off.

BANYAS applies completely different technique: capturing all system updates it generates universal BANYAS-made event log, where nothing can be missed.

But all that doesn’t mean that enormous efforts, spent on deciphering event logs were wasted.

As we know, BANYAS identification begins from the moment it is activated in the system. But what about the historical data? How can we start process analysis or audit looking 3–5 years back?

Here the role of event logs is invaluable, since this is the only way to see what happened in the past.

Process mining tools with their universal approach are able to join processes, which have been identified by BANYAS and complete the picture, adding historical process picture (though incomplete), from the time before BANYAS.