True ROI for automation of process identification, documentation and analytics

Knowledge – how does it pay back?

As the reader probably knows, our product is an SAP add-on for automated identification, documentation and analytics of business processes. It does amazing things. The majority of customers, who sees that, are impressed. But for the actual purchase the board of directors should be convinced. At that moment the question of ROI is unavoidable. How can it be calculated? Should it be?

Every company sees the process knowledge in their own way. Here are some examples, which we have encountered:

1. No need

  • We do not need anything to know what we are doing. Our processes are predefined and nothing else is allowed.

2. No resources

  • process knowledge requires somebody to deal with that. We do not have available resources for that.

3. Must be simple

  • if we cannot show it as something simple and highly impressive to the top managers, who are not really into the details, then we cannot use it.

4. Knowledge? Objective? NO!

  • We are in the middle of a serious political transformation. Objective knowledge can be dangerous.

5. YES, sounds like a magic!

These clients want the knowledge and already tried a lot of ways to gain it, but none was successful until now.

Assuming our client company is in the 5th category (YES, sounds like a magic!), the ROI is still required. In the table below the estimated annual savings for a bug multinational company are shown. The topics cover:

  1. Generating upgrade tests scenarios (IT)
  2. Process standardization, including alignment of the system configuration (IT+ Center of Excellence)
  3. Process documentation design savings (Center of Excellence)
  4. Job profiles generation (HR)
  5. Universal traceability (business users)
  6. Simplification of communication between business and IT for analysis of issues

This overview doesn’t include the benefits like:

  • objecteveness and standardization of process knowledge
  • comrehensiveness without overlapping, that cannot be achieved in non-automated methods
  • transparency throughout the company

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