Sometimes BANYAS is confused with Process Mining.

This happens primarily due to seeming resemblance in the name (both talk about business processes).  Another reason is previously used term “Process Discovery” as an inaccurate substitute of “Process Mining”.

Although on the analytics we can be considered as competitors, there is one huge difference, which allows us to act as partners:

the key specialty of BANYAS is process identification, while Process Mining expertise is in analytics for a pre-specified process. Process Mining requires clear notion of the process to be “mined” (i.e. customer’s input on quite detailed level), while BANYAS identification needs no preliminary knowledge about business processes.

Here is the summary of differences:



Process Mining

Processes’ identification




All system updates

SAP event log


All processes of the customer

KPI-s of one specific process

Key specialty

Process identification

Process analytics


Collaboration between BANYAS and Process Mining tools is very logical:

BANYAS identifies processes and communicates the process knowledge data to Process Mining tools, saving them from deciphering of (incomplete) SAP event logs (their highest effort).  It is also greatly beneficial for the end clients, already using Process Mining. They can keep enjoying its friendly, graphical and analytical user interface, while getting much better coverage of their processes.